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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Diane Campos

Diane has represented many families, individuals, and businesses throughout Canada. Diane is able to adapt easily to new concepts using her previous experience to excel in the economic class category and the temporary foreign worker program. Diane dedicates her time to further progressing herself and her business while maintaining excellent client satisfaction.

Client Care Specialist, Commissioner for Taking Affidavits

Marlene Freitas

Marlene is well established in the Portuguese community in Toronto Ontario as she took interest in the Canadian Immigration system and its procedures/practices in 2007. Marlene partnered with regulated Immigration Consultant, Diane Campos in 2016. As a newcomer, Marlene knows the struggles of families trying to integrate themselves, Mrs. Freitas is head of Client Care dedicated to helping families and individuals integrate themselves economically in our communities. Additionally, Marlene is our Commissioner of Taking Affidavits.

Executive Assistant

Carla Faro

Carla is an entrepreneur having taught Secondary School mathematics in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, owning her own Travel Agency and now operating a before and after school program in the GTA. Carla is a dedicated professional who enjoys taking on challenging tasks. Her interest in Immigration started during her own Immigration Process. Carla dedicated years of her personal time to research and develop the skills needed to efficiently prepare Immigration applications for her and her family. Today, Carla is well familiar with Permanent Residency procedures and practices. Carla’s curiosity, creativity, willingness to try new things and honesty has been a great contribution to Equality Immigration Services Inc.

Office Manager

Joana Cordeiro

Joana is an Honors Psychology major graduate from York University whose goal in the future is to help others through therapy. Joana’s experience in psychology provides Equality with a multifaceted empirical approach with immigration submissions. Joana acquired her study permit at Equality Immigration and has both a client and staff perspective regarding Equality’s work ethics and procedures. The combination of the opportunity to work at Equality and her pervious immigration experience has sparked an interest in immigration. Currently, Joana is working towards her master’s degree, which will progress her professional career and in turn will provide Equality Immigration’s clients with a unique advantage. Joana’s analytical thinking, Quantitative and qualitative research knowledge, reasoning and effective writing skills are essential contributions to Equality Immigration.

Executive Assistant

Sara Neves

Sara is a high school graduate, wanting to pursue a career as a CBSA officer. Sara came to Equality Immigration as a client accompanying her parents. Sara was always interested in Immigration since she herself had to Immigrate to Canada. Her interest peaked when she started her internship at Equality and has since provided great support through ger attentive nature. Sara is continuously involving and uses her experience to maximise our client’s experience. She is dedicated and assiduous in her work and towards her coworkers. Sara hopes to make an impact towards her future in immigration while providing client satisfaction. Sara’s analytical thinking, judgement, client service orientation and effective communications skills is essential to Equality Immigration’s operation.

Executive Assistant

Amanda Ricon

Amanda has a wide variety of experience in several business sectors. She graduated from a Civil Engineering program in Brazil and has also completed a program certificate course in the PSW area. Amanda has a long history working in the healthcare sector, as such she possesses the care, dedication and empathy required to work within immigration. In addition to possessing the theoretical and practical knowledge required to working within the immigration field, she also has first had knowledge and experience of the immigration process to Canada. Amanda brings a unique perspective to Equality Immigration enabling her to connect with several cultures whom we represent.

Caseworker Representative

Samantha Gomes

Samantha Gomes was born in Canada to Portuguese immigrant parents. Samantha has a long history in Immigration, as she worked for an immigration firm for 8 years as a full-time Client Relations and Management. During that time, she gained substantial knowledge and experience with Spousal Sponsorships and Humanitarian Cases. Inclusively, Samantha’s bubbly personality provides excellence in assisting clients in providing documents and required information for their applications. Currently, Samantha works at Equality Immigration as a Caseworker Representative in Bradford and for the surrounding area. Samantha strives and gains gratification from assisting clients in obtaining their PR while reuniting families in Canada. Inclusively, Samantha has built a strong relationship with the Portuguese community. Currently, she is working towards becoming a Notary Public in order to extend extra assistance to clients and their needs. Samantha has been essential in client acquisition, marketing and business relations have been essential to Equality.

Administrative Assistant

Rodrigo Reis

Rodrigo is a recent high school graduate, who during his gap year has been continually interning and contributing to Equality Immigration. His goal is to apply to the police academy to help the community he immigrated to since coming to Canada. Rodrigo moved to Canada with his parents and knows hardships of obtaining Immigration status, hence fitting well with the Equality team since everyone had a similar experience with Immigration. When Rodrigo was given the opportunity to intern at Equality immigration, he saw it as an opportunity to make others dreams come true.


Maria Joao Barreiro

Maria João studied international relations in Lisbon, Portugal. In Canada, she became a certified image consultant, from George Brown College. Maria João became a permanent resident through a spousal sponsorship and in 2018 she took her Canadian Citizenship oath. Moreover, Maria Joao is a part-time freelancer for a magazine, in the Portuguese community. Her passion of human relations, and people with different paths in life, and their unparallel stories, made her fall in love for her welcoming role at Equality Immigration Services. MJ contributes her effective communication skills, conflict resolution skills, empathy and welcoming nature to Equality. MJ welcoming nature ensures people feel at ease when entering the business.

Administrative Assistant

Elsa Carvalho

Elsa is a high school graduate, specializing in early childhood education (ECE). Elsa is well integrated into the Portuguese communities having worked in several Portuguese businesses such as bakeries, Luina 183, and construction companies. As a mother of two vibrant young boys and possessing a ECE background has accentuated her empathetic, friendly, collaborative, dedicated and welcoming nature, which are essential characteristic within an immigration profession. In addition, Elsa’s customer service background has been a key component in her role at Equality Immigration, have to interact with client of various backgrounds. Elsa has the experience, competence and efficiency to provide each client with the individualized professional assistance they require. Having a culturally diverse family who immigrated to Canada has enlightened Elsa to acknowledge and confront the difficulties many of our clients may experience. Elsa’s passion for a client-centered profession drives her commitment to ensure the best outcome for each client’s case.

Administrative Assistant

Atheena Mota

Atheena is specialized in early childhood development (ECD). Atheena has experience working with children who are on the autism spectrum. Atheena possesses the empathy and compassion required to work within the this specific cohort. These characteristics has translated into her work at Equality Immigration Services Inc. In addition, Atheena possesses journalist skills and knowledge which facilitates her ability to research, produce, publish and maintain Equality’s online presence. Atheena brings her worldview perspective, communication skills, complex problem-solving skills and attention to details to assist Equality Immigration in their application processes. Atheena comes from a multi-cultural family, which permits her to integrate her experiences with those of our clients.